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Mabel - March 2008

Movies and pics

>> Movies we (me, my hubby and my sister) watched this weekend:
   - Take the Lead/Vem Dançar (The one with Antonio Banderas. Loved the tango part)
   - The Notebook/Diário de uma Paixão (me and my sys cried like babies. Even my hubby cried)
   - 1408 (a very creepy movie in an evil hotel room)

>> I spent part of the Sunday scanning some more wedding pics. Well, not exactly about the wedding, but some of the pics we took at the photography studio 10 days before the wedding. The photographer took about 80 pics to make us to choose one to use as the poster at the wedding party hall. You can guess how hard it was to choose the ONE. But at least we had a lot of fun making faces and even wearing costumes to take the pics, lol. From those 80 pics, we chose 20 pics to put in a mini-album, which you can see by clicking in the link or pic below. By the way, the pic we chose to the poster is the 3rd one. In the poster we used a black-and-white version of it.

>> Still have to watch episodes of Lost, SPN and Bones. You know, busy weekend ;-).
Bel - 2019

I'm back!!!

Hi!!! I'm back from my honeymoon. It was so wonderful. We spent a week enjoying the sun, the beaches and the blue sky of Maceió. I have to say that's one of the most beautiful places I've ever visited. My beloved hubby and me had a lot of fun there.

I want to say thanks so much to everybody who commented my last post about my wedding. It was a very special day in my life and everything went absolutely perfect and beautiful. I wish you all could had been there with me sharing the moment.

And now, I have PICS, PICS and more PICS for you!!!

There are pics of the wedding and the honeymoon trip ;-).

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Bel - 2019

My great day

Tomorrow is my great day. It's my wedding day. I am anxious and nervous and everything a bride has the right to be, hehe.

Well, since I'm going on a honeymoon trip to Maceio, I will be away for a while. So, please, don't forget me, okay? I promise I will try to be more on LJ when I'm back and I will be back making layouts to share.

Be happy all of you and wish me luck ;-).

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Bel - 2019

Tá chegando

Não larguei o LJ não, viu? Só estou atarefada com o casamento que mal e mal consigo passar rapidinho os olhos pela flist.

Hoje eu vi uma foto dos noivinhos personalizados em biscuit que irão no topo do bolo de casamento. Quer dizer, vi somente a noivinha, já que meu noivo tá fazendo mistério com o traje dele e os padrinhos que mandaram fazer os noivinhos tiraram a foto, mas "apagaram" ele da foto. Awwwww, a noivinha tá tão fofa, tão meiguinha, amei demais!!! Ficou bem parecida comigo, hehehehe.

Bem, faltam 4 dias e já estou sentindo aquela sensação de borboletas no estômago. Hoje depois do serviço vou na confeitaria acertar os últimos detalhes. Amanhã tem ensaio geral na nossa nova casa e quinta-feira de tarde é o casamento civil. Agüenta coração!!!
Bel - 2019

My holiday

Back to work after 4 days of holiday due to Carnival. I don't like the frisson of Carnival, so I spent almost all the holiday at home.

- I finally watched Torchwood - episode Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. James was wonderful and his interaction with the TW team was awesome, especially with Jack. I nearly combusted seeing those Jack/John scenes, hehe.

- Also watched the season premiere of Lost (gasp) and Supernatural (well, it seems Ruby isn't that bad after all). Oh, and I had to watch Smallville, episode Persona to see James performance ;-). James always makes everything more interesting.

- We had the visit of my fiance's mother during all the holiday. Everything went all right and she's back to her town.

- And my wedding is in 4 weeks and 2 days!!! We have practically everything set up, with just some few details to arrange yet. I am so nervous.
Bel - 2019

Face Transformer

Do you wanna see how you would look like a baby, a manga cartoon or a man (if you're a woman, of course)? Click in the link below and have fun, hehe.


I got kinda disturbed when I saw how I would like if I would be a chimp *shivers*.

And, in other news, finally I have a wedding dress (well, almost). The stylist drew a wedding dress especially for me and I will try the dress on in about 20 days. Yay!!!

Bel - 2019



I'm not much around here lately, but I still have been trying to take a look at my flist once in a while.

I have been really busy with the wedding arrangements, I didn't know things could be so exhaustive. I don't even have a dress yet *sighs*. Plus, why the hell flowers have to been so expensive? We have been visiting a lot of places, doing cost estimates and the prices are so abusive, arghhhh. The same goes to other items. We're going to spend a lot more than we firstly had planned. There is a "wedding mafia" in this city, I'm sure of it, grrrr.

Well, don't know when I'll show up, so, I hope you are all fine ;-). And sorry if I'm not answering the comments. Kinda hard to find time to put my mail box in order *sighs*.