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Bel - 2019


Yesterday night I finally watched Lost episode 3.21 and the season finale of Supernatural. Don't have time to write anything longer now, 'cos my boss gave me a task to do. So I just going to make it short...

WOWWWWWWWWWWWWWW, God, that was... I mean I think... ohhhhh, what the hell... *is speechless*.

WTF? This show makes my head spinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!!! *is dizzy*


ETA: You have to read what stir_of_echoes wrote about the SPN season finale. It's amazing and made me all teary. Here the LINK.
Bel - 2019


So, Supernatural was renewed for a 3rd season!!! Uh-huuuuu!!! That's some great news *g*.

And I've spending the day trying to put some order in my tags section. I managed to do something, but I going give up for now, 'cos this is a really boring task... I did a userpics cleaning up as well. Snagged some great icons by kazzy_cee. Such a talented icon maker ;-).


Bel - 2019

Mother's Day, Lost, Supernatural and a rec

I couldn't be online yesterday (net technical problems), so I wishing now a very happy Mother's Day to the mothers on my flist. Hope you had a wonderful one!!! I went with my family to take my mom to have lunch into a restaurant. We had a very pleasant day and I ate too much.

I also found time to watch Lost and Supernatural with my bf. And, woa, lots of craziness going on in the last episodes.

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To finish this post, I want to start the week with some pimping. This time I have to rec the fic Man's Best Friend (Angel, Spike, Illyria, Nina and a puppy - post NFA, PG) by lettered. You can't possibly imagine how funny is when Angel gets a puppy ;-).
Bel - 2019


I've been skipping 3 of each 5 entries of my flist. Avoiding spoilers of Supernatural is a hard task. And probably I will be able to watch the new episode just on Sunday *sighs*.

Oh, well, I hope it was a good episode *crosses fingers*.
Bel - 2019

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It's been a lazy day here... It's raining, it's cold and it's quite calm around here at work. Everything I wanted right now is to take a nap, but I can't do that without drawing attention from my co-workers *g*. The co-worker on my left side just smiled to me when he noticed I can't stop yawning *yawns some more*. It's like I'm possessed...

Anyway, I'm just killing time here on LJ to keep me from drooling over my keyboard. So, I will try to write something about what I've been watching lately... Just brief thoughts...

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Plus I have to rec again a fic I've been enjoying to read a lot. It's called Friday by girlpire. She posted the second part HERE and it's just getting better and better.

Now let me be with my laziness *yawns*.
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TV shows, comics and chocolate

Still about TV shows:

- I'm kinda behind on Lost (didn't get the chance to watch the last two episodes), so no review yet. I will try to watch it tonight, before taking my bf to the bus station (he's going to spend Easter holiday in Cascavel, with his family).

- I started watching Bones season 2 on Fox. I'm not in the mood to write about the first two episodes, but it seems the season will be good. Well, let's watch to see if I'm right. The only thing I'm going to say: I didn't like Camille, the Booth and Brennan new boss. She is arrogant and annoying.

- One more week without Supernatural. How sad is that? *sobs*

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- And everybody here at my job won chocolate from a very cool co-worker (he does that every single year, as I was told)!!! I won't be able to resist the chocolate for too long *eyes chocolate over the desk*.
Bel - 2019

SPN meme

Snagged from woman_of_.

Your Supernatural adventure by mandatora
Sexual Preference
Weapon of choice
You'reAt the Roadhouse
Where you run into
You meet whenhe rescues you from a demon/monster/spirit/scary ex-boyfriend
He says"Can I borrow your phone? I have to call Charlie and tell him one of his angels has escaped."
He then takes you toA hotel room
Where youplay Scrabble
The next morning hetells you that you look damn sexy in his shirt.
Possibilty of him calling you:

I loved it!!! LOL!!!