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Buffy - Working hard


There's nothing to do now here at work, so I started searching for some slippers to buy and ended up finding these cute YODA and DARTH VADER slippers. I would love to give the last ones to my hubby, but they're out of stock on Forbidden Planet *sighs*.

And talking about buying stuff, I got tired of waiting for 20th Century Fox to release AtS DVDs here in Brazil and I bought Angel Season 5 on Amazon. The price was irresistible ($19,99!!!). They said I will receive the box until August, 25th. Well, I just have to pray to not have to pay the awful 60% of import tax when it arrives in my country *crossed fingers*.
Bel - 2019

Here comes the sun...

- Aieeeee, I WANT THIS!!! I bet every Star Wars fan would love to have one of these :)))).

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- Take a look at this post. You know, some things we should never forget, NEVER!!! I had tears in my eyes reading this post...

- And what a freezing day we're having here. I've been spending some minutes at the sun once in a while to get warm, brrrrrr.
Bel - 2019

Icons and icons part 3

It's been a long time (10 months!!!) since I posted icons here and I decided to post some icons I've been making in the last months. These are icons I made to match with my layouts and I'm putting them in a separate entrie now for those people who usually don't see my shareable layouts, but like to see and take icons.

There are 84 icons, including BtVS, AtS, Star Wars, Veronica Mars and some non-fandom related ones. You can take any of them. Just credit me if taking, please ;-).


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Bel - 2019

Porn dolls

I nearly wet my pants watching this vid. It's another parody about Brokeback Mountain, this time with action figures of Obi-Wan Kenoby and Qui-Gon Jinn from Star Wars (but they're cowboys in this one). It made me think about doing the same with my Spike and Angel figures *evil grin*.

Oh, don't forget to observe the sheep, even if you get distracted by the, huh, hot sex *winks*. Oh my, where did I put my camera?

Brokeback Jedi with action figures
Bel - 2019

Icons and icons part 2

Posting more icons from those I made for the layouts I've been sharing. Like some time ago, I decided to put all of them together in an icon post for people who are more fond on icons than layouts, hehe.

It's a total of 85 icons about actors, actresses, BtVS, AtS, Star Wars, X-Files and Queer as Folk. Look, take, enjoy ;-).


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Bel - 2019

Icons and icons

Well, I've been making a bunch of layouts since the beginning of this year and for each layout I've been making icons to match with them as well. So, as some people don't have interest in layouts, I decided to make this post to put all the icons I made until now for my layouts.

It's a total of 188 icons about nature, actors, actresses, BtVS, AtS and Star Wars. You can take and use any icon, just give me some credit, okay? Oh, and I would love some feedback *pleading eyes*.


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