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Spike/Angel - More than words

5 Spangel layouts

Today is my day to post at spring_spangel and I made 5 Spangel layouts. Not that productive like last year, but I tried to do my best even with the lack of time and inspiration.

This time they are all S2 and I used different style themes for each one of them (Smooth Sailing, Bloggish, Flexible Squares, Quite Lickable and Tranquility II). They are shareable for free, plus and paid accounts and you can use the entire layout or just part of them (like some graphics), if you wish.

Click in the links below to see the posts. And feedack is always welcome ;-).


01. Angelus/Spike - Come closer, boy... just want to talk

02. Spike/Angel - Belonging

03. Spike/Angel - Not too late to have another chance

04. Spike/Angel - More than words

05. Spike/Angel - Right here waiting for you
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I'm so glad to see how much fandom can be productive these days. I hardly spend a day without reading some good Spangel fic, which cheer my days up immensely.

I am not that productive myself with the layouts I have to make to my entry at spring_spangel (I'm kinda blah lately). I made one and a half layout until now and I'm afraid I won't be able to make a good amount of layouts until my day (May, 20th). If you have some suggestion to give me about layout making regarding Spangel, I'm open to it. Maybe I can find some inspiration.

Well, let's go with the recs then...

- Skin by icemink

- Untitled - Why We Fight missing scene by thatotherperv

- Acorns of an Angel by darkspace99

- Standing the Test of Time (Spike/Angel, Spike/Dracula) - Part 14 (all parts here) by erin_starlight

- Support Network (RPS) by lilithbint

- Changes by woman_of_

- The Debate by woman_of_

- Bath Time with Daddy (Angelus/William) by woman_of_

- Sterile by woman_of_

- The Reward (Angelus/William) by woman_of_

- Power Play by ash_carpenter

- The Picture 1/? by bookstorequeer

- Who Would You Sleep With? by dark_amia

- Who I Slept With (Who Would You Sleep With? sequel) by dark_amia

- Missed Signs by shinodabear

- Friday, part 1 of 2 by girlpire

Plus, if you're up for some great kissage, CHECK THIS ENTRY by felisblanco. It will make your lips all swollen, lol!!!

Wow, I could list more, but I think it's enough for now. Read, enjoy these fics, leave feedback to these great writers and keep the fandom alive ;-).
Bel - 2019

Spring Spangel

Yay, once again it's time for spring_spangel!!! Sign up and let's keep the Spangel love alive (or undead, whatever *g*). I've chose May 20th and, as always, I'm going to post some graphics ;-). It will begins on March 21st.

And I can't forget to say something:


10 years today since the first episode aired. Oh my, I'm nostalgic now...
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Some silliness

I was going to post yesterday, but I had a hard time trying to make my computer to communicate to my digital camera. When I finally managed to make things work, livejournal was off-line *sighs*.

Well, everything I wanted was just to tell you something that happened last Sunday. Plus, pics!!!

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10 Spangel layouts

After 10 days without any post here (besides this one I made about AtS few minutes ago), I'm posting again. Today is my day at spring_spangel and I made layouts (duh). Well, this time I made just 10 layouts (last year I made 40) because I've been working like crazy lately and don't have much time. I even have lots and lots of fics to read and I hope to find time to catch up with the reading again.

Well, back to the subject matter, for the first time I made some layouts using S2 style and it took me forever to make them work properly. Anyway, any doubt or trouble with them, just let me know, okay?

There are four S1 Generator, three S2 Smooth Sailing and three S2 Flexible Squares layouts with sidebar and non-sidebar versions for each one of them. They are shareable and for free and paid accounts. Just click in the links below to see the posts.

I really hope you appreciate these ones ;-).


01. Spike/Angel - Hate me, love me

02. Spike/Angel - Souled champs

03. Angelus/William - Best friends, immortal lovers

04. Spike/Angel - I can't take my mind off you

05. David Boreanaz/James Marsters - Glamour

06. Spike/Angel - There is a hole in the world

07. Spike/Angel - Embrace the darkness

08. Spike/Angel - Vamps mural

09. Spike/Angel - To hell

10. Spike/Angel - For eternity
Bel - 2019

Pimpage time

I'm a bit lazy to comment TV shows I've been watching, so I decided to rec some fics I've liked to read this week.

Vampire Winter 1/? by shapinglight. She said it's complete, but she will post it bit by bit. It's post NFA, with Buffy, Angel and Spike and it starts in Rome. Wonderful characterization and Deborah is really great with details ;-).

Follow You Down 1/? by spankspike for spring_spangel. It's Spike/Angel and the timeline is AtS Season 5 (Hellbound). It's based loosely on Dante's 'Divine Comedy'. Very interesting.

Stolen Moments by stir_of_echoes. It's JM/DB RPS and I loved the atmosphere of this fic. After the end of AtS.

Good reading!!!