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Bel - 2019

Something weird...

I guess my MP3 player is haunted. It turned on in the middle of the night by itself. I was sleeping and suddenly I heard a Roxette's song, that one called "Harleys and Indians" (Riders in the Sky), which I love, and I woke up with the noise. I just wanted to know who the hell was listening to the radio at 2 a.m. Then I noticed that my purse was making the noise. I opened it and then there it was... my mp3 player... well, playing.

The weirder thing is that the button of the player needs to be pushed twice to start playing (one push to turn it on, one more push to the song start playing), so I hardly can see how I would turn it on by accident. If it was playing when I went to bed, I would have noticed the noise before, because everything around was quiet at the time I was going to sleep. And more... it wasn't the first time *shivers*.

Well, as you can see, I'm very confused, scared and with no clue about what I have to do. So I would like to ask your help to solve this situation.

Poll #874424 haunted mp3 player

What do I have to do?

Ask help from the Winchester boys. Well, even if it turns out it's nothing, at least you could have a very good time with them.
It's a X-Files!!! Call Mulder and Scully, but probably Mulder will try to convince you that there's something to do with little green men from Mars.
There's a poltergeist in your house, so it's a mission for the Ghostbusters. And you could ask them to use one of those ectoplasm-thrower devices.
Call a father. Your MP3 player needs an exorcism.
Stop drinking green tea before sleeping. It's causing you nightmares and it's all in your head.
Don't want to help you. This poll is silly and you need psyquiatric treatment.
What's a MP3 player?
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