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Buffy - Alive


Hi everybody!!!

Even if I disappear once in a while, I'm still here ;-).

>> Happy birthday to my hubby!!! My love is getting older more experienced today!!!

>> Yesterday was my mom's birthday. We had pizza and esfihas in her house :-).

>> Everybody has been panicking because of this swine flu. My niece's classes are suspended until Monday (probably they will keep suspending the classes for more days) and shows and concerts have been being canceled. I have a co-worker who is suspicious of having the flu and everywhere I go I see alcohol to clean the hands and people using masks. There are a lot of cases here and people are dying. That's getting out of control :-(.

>> My hands are better (I went to the orthopedist and he recommended physiotherapy), but sometimes my right hand still hurts a little. I have to keep doing exercises even at work.

Are you all okay?
Spuffy - I still get lost in your eyes


Monday, almost noon and I'm home. Guess why... VACATION!!! YAY!!!

Finally I got some days to rest and to put some things in order. Some co-workers called me up this morning asking for help already (and they woke me up in the process), but it's okay, at least I don't need to go there so soon, hehe.

Hope you are all fine ;-).

*hugs flist*
Chocolate - Pleasure

Oh yeah, I'm still here...

  • I know I'm late, but I hope everyone had a great Easter.

  • Finally I made an upgrade on my computer!!! It's super fast now and the graphics are so pretty with the new video card \o/.

  • I went to Morretes last Saturday with hubby, sister, niece and my parents. Lots of nature, great views and some delicious food (called barreado, a typical dish from my state) in a historical small city. This time we traveled there by car, but I did this trip once by train. Very relaxing.

  • I feel pain in my right hand lately, especially in my fingers. To the point I have to use my left hand to handle the mouse. Hubby thinks I probably have tendinites by repetitive motions while using computers. Here we usually call it DORT or LER. Well, I'm taking some anti-inflammatory medications and trying not to misuse my right hand, but it's not easy. I take a lot of time just to type a few words *sighs*.

  • I have to catch up with my TV shows and I have to watch Piccolo Dragonball. Is it the movie good? Is James good in it?

*hugs you all*
Buffy - Working hard

Hey, look, bullets!!!

• Here I am, working while my hubby is at home enjoying his extended holiday (it's Carnival around here). He will be back at work only on Thursday. At least I will have a day off tomorrow \o/. We're planning on making some barbecue to the lunch ^^.

• Oh, finally we caught up with Lost yesterday (we were 3 episodes behind). They managed to explain some things, but they also put a lot of more doubts in my head, like usually they do, hehe. I still have to catch up with SPN, Heroes and Bones.

• About comics, I read the AtS 17 issue. Oh, loved all the spangel bits... a lot *g*. Also read the BtVS 22 one. The writers made me sympathize with Kennedy. I didn't find her so annoying in the comics.

• Still can't make graphics because my computer has no monitor at the moment. Actually the monitor is on my hubby's computer. His monitor has been weird lately (changing colors to shades of pink and blinking).

• Regarding the Oscar... Yay for Kate Winslet!!! I so wanted her to win!!! And loved that Heath Ledger won as well. That was really heartbreaking.

Hope you all are okay ;-).

*hugs flist*
Bel - 2019

Christmas gifts for me!!!

Ohhhh, I have new icons!!! They were made specially for me, yay!!! Thanks so much for the prezzies, Carla, you are such a sweetie ;-).

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I would love to make something for you, but right now my computer at home (the one I use to make graphics, layouts etc) is dead *sniffs*.

Well, talking about my computer...

Some days ago I gave my video card to my sister (she had an onboard one) and I bought a new and better one along with a new HD and more memory to my PC. The memory is okay, the HD is working (after getting some headaches to make my computer to recognize it), but my computer doesn't recognize my video card and can't even finish the Windows XP installation because the screen goes all black before the installation conclusion. And it's been already 2 weeks since I gave my video card to my sis and 4 days trying to install the new one *cries*.

I have some graphics to finish to post this month, so it just depends of getting back my computer. Hopefully we will sort this out this weekend *crosses fingers*.
Buffy - Working hard

No, you're not seeing things...

Busy week at work, so it's really hard to find time to post here. And when I get home I find harder to seat at my computer, cos it's been so cold lately that I prefer to stay with hubby, warming myself *winks*.

Well, I'm using my lunch time to say HI, I'M ALIVE!!! Also, some news and considerations below :))).

- I watched Get Smart last weekend with hubby, sister and my niece, and we loved it!!! It's been a long time since I had so much fun watching a comedy. Would be great to have a sequel.

- I've been watching X-Files DVDs with hubby while we're waiting for the second movie. We're half way through Season 2. I miss this show so much.

- Also trying to follow AtS and BtVS comics. I have to read AtS 9 yet, but this week I have been so tired when I get home that I keep procrastinating the reading of it. There are good and bad things in the comics (I like AtS better) and while very kind friends keep posting links to download them, I will be able to read them. Thanks guys!!!

- I noticed some of my old S1 layouts (those with sidebar) have an alignment problem in Firefox 3. Don't know if I try to fix them or if I make S2 versions of them, still trying to decide the best way to go. Plus, LJ has been changing the Customize section lately and I'm afraid that some of my instructions to configure layouts don't apply anymore. I will have to make a post about how to install my layouts and put a link in all my old posts. God, it's going to take some time.

- Oh, and I've been answering some old comments. I can be late, but I always try to answer every single comment I get ;-).


ETA: I found out a way to fix my S1 Generator layouts with sidebar and now they work on Firefox 3, YAY!!! Hubby helped me :)))). Still editing the posts and it's going to take a while to fix all the codes.
Smilling coffee


Acabei de descobrir que aqui no Paraná a lei da meia-entrada diz que doadores de sangue têm o direito de pagar meia-entrada em cinemas, teatros, eventos artísticos e esportivos e assim por diante.

Meu marido e minha irmã são doadores. Eu já doei uma vez (passei mal na época e quase tiveram que injetar o sangue de volta em mim), mas parece que hoje em dia não tenho o peso mínimo necessário pra poder doar. Vou ter que ganhar uns quilos se quiser doar de novo, hehe.

O que mais me espanta é que essa lei vale desde de 2002 e como que eu nunca fiquei sabendo disso? Se divulgassem esse tipo de informação, com certeza haveria bem mais gente doando sangue. Well, meu marido disse que já vai tentar pagar meia quando formos ver o Agente 86. Afinal, com o preço absurdo que estão os ingressos, não dá pra dispensar um desconto desses.
Bel - 2019

Here comes the sun...

- Aieeeee, I WANT THIS!!! I bet every Star Wars fan would love to have one of these :)))).

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- Take a look at this post. You know, some things we should never forget, NEVER!!! I had tears in my eyes reading this post...

- And what a freezing day we're having here. I've been spending some minutes at the sun once in a while to get warm, brrrrrr.