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§ Bel's Livejournal §

'Cos there's nothing else to do

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§ A little about me §

My name is Mabel and I love making friends and graphics. I like to participate in fandom and among my favorites shows/movies, I can list: Angel, Buffy, The X-Files, Supernatural, Star Wars, Lost, Game of Thrones, Vikings.

This journal is mostly open to everyone. I just lock posts that I consider too personal and intimate to share with those I don't know.

§ My layout §

Version: Far Away

Getty Images

From the song "Before the Dawn", performed by Evanescence

Header banner by:
Me ;-)

Background image by:

Original code by several contributors at:

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§ Crediting §

To make my graphics, I have been using brushes, textures, gradients, patterns and screencaps from several talented people. I downloaded tons of sets, but didn't used all of them. So, using them or not, I'm crediting here anyway.

Brushes, patterns, gradients, textures:

From LiveJournal:
__kali__, wannablessedbe, boogieland, _joni, _sithcons, 100x100_brushes, 77words, alaskanicons, alpheratz, anesthezea, any_otherday, ariad, arisubox, artlessbaka, strongestdays, bittersweet, blimey_icons, bombayicons, bonesbaby, stumphed, brokenicon, butnotquite, calixa, cauldroncake, cdg_brushes, coaxme, colortone, colourofclouds, crumblingwalls, crushedviolet, dactyliotheca, daughterofsnape, deliciousmelody, disorderedmind, dj43, dojie, dragong, drave, eightyfour_, emoico, engelixe, nyuszi, ewanism, exicon, exit47, fadeastride, imthelobster, faytrial, filipinoz_rule, fophead, gamin1432, graphical_love, oh_pants, icon_extras, icon_rewind, icons_with_love, iiokua, ilmare, im_glas, incarnatus, inexorablyhere, inxsomniax, inspired, isabellecs, jess, jeweledicecream, myownsatellite, jubilli, kryssibug, ladybanteerin, lanitha, sir, leftofmyheart, leggyslove, lemonfossil, lily_sunshine, liminalstate, lornyloo, lovemelikemusic, lovetheories, luxbella, disasteriffic, maggieroofus, magickly, mapother, medelle, meleada, mhari, miggy, notimetoplay, ohpaintbrush, orchidicons, oxoniensis, balcarin, paisley, pekeana, pfefferminzchen, photoholic62, photoshopextras, pilot, pixielore, prettywitchstar, hecatesknickers, quebelly, radiosound, endlessdeep, wolfgrrl, rxyangl, saava, saniagreenleaf, scifiroots, september_icons, shagalote, shoshanna, sinecure, sissi_blucas, dark_soul_lost, spiffydaze, stickywicket, strawbrry, fourkicks, sydian, tacirupecajaro, teh_indy, terra_katta, the_morningstar, thelovehater, dontlickit, tragic_icons, trash, asiyakei, whenidance, wherethewind__, wiggityweenr, wizzicons, xxestellaxx, saturness

From DeviantART:
12elinquish, bazza-, dspartan, eddybiel, herokeeper, idiocyx, j-a-s-h-i-n, keren-r, mark-s, matthewp, metal-cx, neotom130, scully7491, silverninja

From other web sites:
Braggadocio Brushes
Brusheezy free Photoshop brushes
Design Fruit
Evenstar Brushes
Hybrid-Genesis (Inxsomniax Brushes)
Photoshop Brushes
The Fifth Muse Brush Gallery


btvs_screencaps, cap_it
_jem_ Screencaps
Extravanga Caps
Freeze Frame Network
Lost Soul Gallery - Spike
Raining Dreams
Romance on BtVS
Screencap Paradise

Bound by Blood
Buffy Only Gallery
Elusive Soul
Love That Dares
The DTD Angel & BtVS Gallery

Stock/Clipart Images:
Animation Factory (Animations, clip-arts and backgrounds)
Eye Wire
Free Foto
Free Images
Foto Search
Getty Images
Image After (Imagens and textures)
Stock Exchange

LJ Codes/CSS/Resources:
absonant, apricot_13, cartonage, component_help, everything_lj, howto, overridehelp, premade_ljs, reversescollide, s2_bloggish, s2lickable, s2flexisquares, s2styles, s2tranquility2, s2smoothsailing, starlingsby100, thefulcrum

Useful links:

8nero.net Brushes
300 Images
An icon making guide by Tissa
Animeshare (graphics resource)
Baby Animalz
Bruno's Honeypot (Pics, brushes, resources)
Brusheezy free Photoshop brushes
Cielo Brushes
Classic Tere (X-Files artwork)
CSS Validator
CSS Zen Garden
Cute Overload (cute animals pics)
Design Spice
Dubstatic Design Lab
Encre (brushes)
Eyes on Design
Eyewire Photoshop
Floatutorial (Lists)
Flickr (Pics Hosting)
Fractured Sanity (graphic resources)
Free CSS Templates
Glish CSS
HTML Validator
Kaliber 10000 {The Designers Lunchbox}
Lipsum Generator
LJ Directory
Mezzoblue Resources
Open Design Community (Templates)
Portfelia Goodies
Phong Tutorials (PS and Flash)
Photoshop Graphics by Sage
Skin Celebrities Wallpapers
Squidfingers (patterns and goodies)
Studio Design (graphic resources)
The Magic Box (brushes/tutorials/textures)
W3 Schools

My Friends List Birthdays

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